1. New header layout

  • New header layout gives the user a clearer view of which category in the app they are viewing.


2. Added explore section to main menu

  • Side menu improvement, along with an explore feature which provides:
  • 2.1. Video shortcut
  • 2.2. Podcast shortcut


3. New modern icon sets update

  • Icons at the bottom of the screen on the App have been created to take up less space to allow more visuals on the feed. Along with improved icons that relate to the section.


4. New expert area layout consisting of video thumbs representing the weeks (if a video is present and a thumbnail has been selected).

  • The new layout gives better functionality for users to view each week’s content from their subscribed Expert(s).


5. New intro video upload for experts. Experts can also choose the thumbnail to show as a placeholder for the video.

  • Adding this function allows Experts to introduce not only themselves, but also what their course will entail!


6. Video improvements

  • Videos now auto-play in social feed and are muted.
  • 6.1. New Youtube style “Tap to unmute” button added on auto-playing videos.
  • 6.2. Video auto-play and auto-pause using scrolling algorithms.


7. Image uploading improvement

  • New image uploader (picker) module for status posts, which should fix the bug of certain folders not showing on iOS.


8. Magnify Glass search facility icon added

  • New search function includes:
  • 8.1. Podcasts, videos, status updates, articles and news items


9. Tickets have a new home

  • Ticket balances have been moved to tickets page, to allow more functionality on the main feed


10. Streamlined notifications and also when scrolling they hide (header notifications)

  • Notifications won’t be getting in the way when scrolling through posts anymore.


11. Comments layout made slightly wider


12. Fixed issue when pasting a link in comments textbox


14. Added tools section (coming soon) to footer

  • Multiple tools will be released in the near future, so we have created an area for them!


15. Improved visuals for iPhone X.

  • App screen extends to the full size of the iPhone X screen.


Technical Stuff

  1. Cold start share function added for cold starts on app load
  2. Added new sub licenses section for master licenses.
  3. Initial load performance enhancement.

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